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Connect with 1,000+ helpful Neighbours

Join local groups, local Q&A, get neighbourhood news & contact nearby businesses
What is lubble?

A private network just for your neighbourhood

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Local Interest-based communities

From football & fitness to bikers & books club, find people nearby who share the same interests as you!

Curated Local Events

Attend nearby casual, book reading & sports meetups or club parties & festivals


Stay updated about your neighbourhood with crime reports, emergency alerts, civic news & more!

Local Maids & Cooks Directory

Easily find domestic help in your area like cooks, maids, drivers or gardeners.

Built for Neighbourhoods

Nearby Feed

Recommended local posts

Phone Number Privacy

No phone numbers, no calls.

Local Events

Discover & share local events. Join group chats with other attendees.

Smart Notifications

Get notified only about the things & topics you follow & care about

Rich Member Profiles

Know what each neighbour does for work, play & leisure, while staying in full control of privacy.

Message Reactions

Just hit LIKE, no need to send a +1 message in group chats

What our friendly neighbours say

Play Store Reviews

Lubble has modernized our society and people have started interacting more with their neighbours for help & socializing
Harsh Kumar Garg
President, RWA Saraswati Vihar
I love this app. It helps me connect with my neighbourhood, explore new places, meetups and so much more

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It’s free & less than 8mb in size.
Only available in few areas of Bangalore for now.

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Launching for iPhone soon.
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