Connect with 1,000+ helpful Neighbours

Join local groups, local Q&A, get neighbourhood news & contact nearby businesses
What is lubble?

A private network just for your neighbourhood

Lubble helps you connect with verified neighbours over interest-based communities, so you can ask for local help, exchange books, discover local meetups, stay updated with local news & safety alerts & truly be a part of your local community!

Local Interest-based communities

From football & fitness to bikers & books club, find people nearby who share the same interests as you!

Curated Local Events

Attend nearby casual, book reading & sports meetups or club parties & festivals


Stay updated about your neighbourhood with crime reports, emergency alerts, civic news & more!

Local Maids & Cooks Directory

Easily find domestic help in your area like cooks, maids, drivers or gardeners.

Chat. Built for Neighbourhoods.


Vote on local civic issues in group chats. Have a say in decisions for your neighbourhood.

Phone Number Privacy

Nobody can view your phone number. Control your privacy, no more stranger calls or DMs.

Local Events

Discover & share local events right inside chat. Join group chats with other attendees.

Smart Notifications

Get notified only about the things & topics you follow & care about. Not every conversation is urgent.

Rich Member Profiles

Know what each neighbour does for work, play & leisure, while staying in full control of privacy.

Message Reactions

Agree with a message someone sent? Just hit LIKE, no need to send a +1 message.

What our friendly neighbours say

Play Store Reviews

Lubble has modernized our society and people have started interacting more with their neighbours for help & socializing
Harsh Kumar Garg
President, RWA Saraswati Vihar
I love this app. It helps me connect with my neighbourhood, explore new places, meetups and so much more

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Only available in few areas of Bangalore for now.

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Launching for iPhone soon.
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