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🌳 Koramangala drain to get a makeover

😲 Korea-mangala is the dream

Rs 179-cr will be spent to remodel the Koramangala drain to look like Cheonggyecheon in South Korea (top pic)

The contract also includes the construction of a European-styled pathway, arch bridges and sewage treatment plant (5 MLD).
The project is targeted to be ready in the next 2 years.

The contractor, though, has never worked on such big projects & has no experience on working with storm water drains. Read more here.

Will 2 years be enough or will residents have to suffer for longer? We all know what happened to Ejipura Elevated Corridor that was also slated to be done in 2 yrs time.

Residents are concerned on the need of starting new projects when old ones are still incomplete & causing daily inconveniences. Also, that it may stink too much for any tourist activity to be viable.

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    Last Week in Koramangala

    πŸ‘‹ Got local questions? Ask away!
    Plz ask any local queries in My Koramangala group, the super helpful Koramangala neighbours will help you out 😊

    πŸ“° Work starts in 4th block
    “various civil works” are going to start soon in 4th block Koramangala from Ooty Chocoalte signal to St. Francis School signal

    😷 An update on COVID in Koramangala
    Cases in Koramangala are rising rapidly, but as per BBMP we seem to be out of the trenches for now. Koramangala was in top 10 list last week.

    πŸ†˜ Volunteers needed for COVID in Koramangala
    BBMP is looking for volunteers in Koramangala to help curb the COVID spread.

    🏸 Friendly neighbourhood Badminton match
    Last Sunday Koramangalites played a short baddy match, Shubham, Riti & Ishaan were involved in the amateur match. Maybe this will continue every Sunday if more peeps are keen 😁

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