Acma Agency Agreement

7.1 The agreement will enter into force when it is signed by both the President of ACMA and the Australian Information Commissioner, on the date on which it will be signed by the last undersigned agency (effective date). 5.3 A recipient agency has taken all reasonable steps to protect the information obtained under this contract from unauthorized use or disclosure. It will treat the information in a safe and confidential manner in accordance with all legal obligations applicable to one agency or the two agencies (as recommended by the provision agency). 5.6 If the information provided under this agreement is disclosed unauthorised or unauthorized, the receiving agency will provide the details to the available agency as soon as possible, in addition to the legal obligations that the recipient agency may have in this regard. The local representative`s agreement (agency) applies only to ACMA compliance (EMC, Wireless and Telecoms), but not to security registration. 5.4 If the recipient agency intends to pass on the information received under this agreement to the third-party authorities, it gives the Supply Agency the opportunity to express itself on the subject: ACMA information regarding the importer`s agent agreements is available on the ACMA website on the Agency Agreement page. 1.2 The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) is a legal authority created under Section 5 of the Australian Information Commissioner Act 2010 and managed by the Australian Information Commissioner to promote and preserve privacy and information rights. 7.4 An agency may terminate this agreement by taking the president or its member of the Commission by allowing it to inform the other head of the agency in writing for 30 days. The termination will take effect at the expiry of the termination, unless the agencies have agreed otherwise. 3.1 The agreement is not intended to create legal, financial or other resource-binding obligations for either agency.

5.4.1 in its first request to the point of making information available, to the extent that it is feasible; and ACMA is an independent agency consisting of a president, a vice-president, five full-time members (the president and vice-president) and three associate members. It is led by a management team consisting of the president (who is also the head of the agency), the vice-president (who is also the Director General), four general managers and ten executives. The company`s structure consists of four areas: communication infrastructure, content, consumerist and citizen, business and research and legal services. 5.5 Where the information provided under this agreement is subpoenaed, requested for information or other requests for legal access, the receiving agency immediately notifies the delivery agency so that the supplying agency can provide advice on the measures being considered in connection with the publication, disclosure, publication or disclosure of this information. 6.2.1 An agency exercises an authority or function that authorizes or imposes removal or supervision by the other agency; and 7.2 The agreement will be reviewed until the end of the third year after it comes into force. However, each agency can, at any time, ask the other party in writing to amend the agreement. An amendment will be made if it is agreed in writing by both agencies. All amendments are recorded in the Register of Amendments in Appendix A. 7.5, when the agreement is terminated, the information exchanged under the agreement and held by both agencies is treated as if the agreement were still in force, as far as the law allows. 6.2.3 all other issues that are treated preferentially from time to time by an agency. agency transformation – adapting the organization to the changing world of convergence by ensuring structural adaptation to convergence and focusing on agency innovation: 6.2.2 an agency has information or information indicating possible serious or systemic non-compliance with requirements

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