Capa Cs Collaborative Agreement

(d) A registered advanced practice nurse who wishes to practice in Kentucky in the event of a licensing dispute by approval and who has had a prescription agreement with a physician in another state for at least four years is exempt from the CAPA-NS requirement. (11) Nothing in this chapter should be construed as such that a nurse designated by the House as a certified nurse must enter into a cooperation agreement with a physician under this chapter or other provision of the act to provide anesthesia care. c) CAPA-NS must be written and signed by the nurse registered in advanced practice and by the cooperating physician.  A copy of the cooperation agreement must be available at each site where the nurse`s advanced practice is taken care of by patients. . b) Certified in at least one (1) population centre of gravity. 1. were admitted for one (1) year to the Kentucky Board of Nursing as an advanced firm;  or three. A nurse registered in an advanced practice who has had a CAPA INS for less than four years (4) must continue to maintain a CAPA INS until the end of the four-year period after which CAPA-NS is no longer required. 1. A registered advanced practice nurse who is in good condition with the Kentucky Board of Nursing at the time and who will prescribe unplanned fantasy drugs without CAPA-NS tells this chamber that the four-year requirement is met and will not prescribe unplanned legendary drugs without CAPA-NS; (g) CAPA-NS is verified and signed by the nurse registered in advanced practice and by the cooperating physician and may be revoked by both parties by recommended letter to the other party, the Kentucky Board of Nursing, and the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. g) Before prescribing controlled substances, the nurse registered in advanced practice has: .

3. If the nurse`s licence registered in advanced practice is not in good condition, the CAPA NS requirement is only waived when the licence is restored. 2. The Board may issue a registered nurse`s licence in that Member State to an applicant with a registered nurse`s licence or who has the right to practise a registered nurse in that Member State, and fulfil the qualifications of sub-section 1 of this section.  A nurse of a registered advanced practice is: 1. has met prescription requirements in a state that grants an independent prescription to registered advanced practice nurses;  and (8) (a) except approved by CS 314.196 and subsection (9) of this section; before a registered advanced nurse performs the prescription or dispensing of unplanned fanciful drugs in accordance with DIRECTIVE 314.011 (8), the nurse registered in advanced practice must enter into a written collaborative agreement for The Advanced Practice Registered Nurse`s Prescriptive Authority for Nonscheduled Legend Drugs (CAPA-NS) with a licensed physician at Kentyuck who defines the scope of authority prescribed for unplanned legendary indicators.

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