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😷 Covid cases on the rise in Koramangala

📈 Koramangala has about 40 cases

Koramangala is now in the top 10 wards of Bengaluru with highest number of covid positive cases in last 10 days.

Official numbers for Koramangala are not published yet, we checked Aarogya Setu at the central point of Koramangala & it shows about 40 cases in Koramangala. We also have reports of 2+ cases inside NGV.

HSR Layout has 50 active cases in last 14 days for comparison & it’s also in the top 10 list.

Make sure to wear your masks at all times, and ensure your house helps like maid/driver also wear a mask. Senior citizens should start getting their shots at St. John’s Hospital where the vaccination drive is in full swing.

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    🏆 Most Helpful Neighbours of February!
    Thanks Rahul, Harshley, and Nandan for being super helpful for the Koramangala community! Thanks for being such awesome neighbours 💙

    Last Week in Koramangala

    📰 Restoration work at 100ft road of Ejipura flyover
    MLA R Reddy sanctioned restoration work of 100ft road & its footpath that is badly damaged due to Ejipura flyover ‘work’. This is the 2nd time restoration work for this road has begun due to the delayed flyover project.

    💯 Bengaluru declared best city for ease of living!
    Yes we keep complaining about the delayed infra works but that’s because we know the city is best & can be even better! Now it’s officially the easiest city to live in India 😊

    ⚡ Power outages across Bluru South since last few weeks
    BESCOM has been taking up repair work in parts of B’luru South including Koramangala ahead of the monsoon season. Join the ‘News Group’ to stay updated.

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