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🚧 Ejipura flyover halted, contract cancelled

🚧 Ejipura flyover halted, contract cancelled

New tender will be floated, will be further delayed.

🚧 This will increase expenses & delays, but was necessary

Ejipura flyover project put on hold as the current contractor, Simplex Infra, has apparently run out of funds to complete the project. They were also blacklisted by BMRCL earlier this year.

BBMP’s Chief Engineer explained:
“The project is currently on hold as the termination process is happening. The company which had taken up the project is not showing interest anymore in continuing with it”

Since the company has backed out, he said, the Palike will float new tenders, adding delays to this already pretty-late project

It will take about two to three months for the BBMP to find the right contractors. Work will resume after this, and the flyover may be ready by mid-2022.

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