Smoking Tenancy Agreement

I`m just looking for what you can do about the smoker in the apartment below me when she moved in less than a year ago, she was told she wasn`t smoking, but she could smoke outside the front door. She did this for a few weeks and then smoking inside, now I have no problem smoking with someone, because I know it`s hard to give, but it`s, as I said, a chain smoker and when her friends, who smokes outside the front door with her now smoking inside with her too, the building is old -transformed, so every time you smoke I smoke too, last night my throat was hurt, my eyes got hurt and I could not sleep because of the taste, yes taste – smell, if the smoke in my house, the owner told her 3 times now, she stops smoking inside for a while and then goes back to do it inside. I even write to my neighbors when it starts to get bad, I shouldn`t do this, my life now becomes a misery for me, my house is beautiful, expensive carpets and good quality furniture and clothes start to smell all, I lived here almost 4 years and I don`t want to leave because it`s a beautiful neighborhood house. So does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to stop this please? Youre is very disrespful for smokers, how would you like me to… g sting, whose self-esteem is more yhen other people in life, smoking is a choice and many people do what they should give it up for non-smokers, as they sbout-they a little lea way.uf it is not illegal there is not much, what you can do.say that the tenants go against the contract of lavtenancy is not an evangelical offense, especially if the smoker wins the legal proceedings, what you would do, then they start to cussing.guess, which is discrimination that is illegal, as always with bail applications, make sure you have an inventory at the beginning of the lease. Without that, you will have very little to do and it will be difficult to say anything back. In July, the SNP spoke of a ban on smoking in municipal housing in Scotland, following the introduction in New York of a blanket ban on smoking in social housing. The murmur caused controversy among pro-smoking groups, but was later unmasked by the Department of Health and Social Care. It`s not true.

Smoke damaged furniture carpet curtains etc. Why would the owner accept his disgusting bad habit? Let`s be honest, the rooms stink and the smokers stink. Get a lower quality property, where it is allowed to smoke, or better yet save us from the smell and stop. But despite the flood of people who follow the habit, there are still many adults living in the UK, with 14.9% of the population still smoking regularly — although 60% say they want to stop actively. As a smoker myself, I completely agree with the non-smoker inside the building, and so on, I have a question. If there are no no-smoking signs on a community roof that has only one tenant on that floor (but that is not on this side of the roof, so would not be affected by second-hand smoke), is it an open surface, so no ceiling or fences that would avoid smoke, would it be permissible? @Gillian Smith.

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