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Tips to avoid Corona Virus in your Neighbourhood

Given the increasing risk for contracting the corona virus (COVID-19), now is the time for local communities to prepare.

In times like this, having a neighbourhood to rely on is often key. Neighbours help each other & lean on others whenever they need help & connect with local authorities, who can provide important, real-time news & info.

Lubble is constantly monitoring how corona virus is impacting communities in India, and sharing relevant & timely information. With this in mind we’ve put together the following tips to help you, your family, and your neighbours to be better prepared.

  1. STAY INFORMED: To make sure you have the most recent information, check the GoI site regularly and view the latest stats here. Share this information with your neighbours on social media & stay updated on the Local News group on Lubble.

  2. BE PREPARED: Make sure to have enough groceries, food & medical supplies for each person & pet in your home. If you run out of groceries & ordering online will take time, let neighbours know so they can share or recommend businesses in your neighbourhood that have stock. Should you become sick, it is important to have medicines ready including pain relievers, flu medicines and fluids with electrolytes.

  3. STAY HOME: It is imperative that people stay home to mitigate the spread of the virus in our local communities. The virus spreads from person to family to neighbours. Stay home under self quarantine for the upcoming couple of weeks & maintain good hygiene.

  4. GET TO KNOW YOUR NEIGHBOURS: Talk with your neighbours (particularly the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions) about emergency planning and let them know you’re there to help. Older adults living alone without young adults may need help in buying supplies so try to identify & help them while maintaining social distance. Local community response can be very helpful during such times when local authorities are full & overwhelmed. 

  5. CLEAN & SANITIZE: In gated societies ask anyone entering to sanitize their hands by keeping sanitizer dispensers near the guard room. Get all staircase railings & elevators scrubbed with alcohol regularly. Close down community halls & swimming pools until its safe again.

  6. CREATE AN EMERGENCY CONTACT LIST: Ensure your household has a current list of emergency contacts for family, friends, neighbours, doctors, teachers, employers, the local public health department, and other community resources.

Helplines for COVID-19
National Helpline: +91-11-23978046 or 1075
Karnataka Helpline: 104
Other states on GoI site

We are here to help. Leverage our platform so you can stay connected to your neighbours – get the Lubble app. And, for real-time updates, we encourage you to also visit the GoI site regularly and view the latest stats here.

If you believe you are seeing false information related to Coronavirus, please report it to Lubble.

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